Security Solutions

Close Protection and Security Services

Through Unitel’s long-term affiliation with Screen International Security Services, Ltd (SISS) a leading executive protection and celebrity protection service headed by an experienced former Israeli close protection expert whose skills were developed in Israel protecting diplomats and corporate-celebrity clients. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, SISS clients include many leading film stars and executives.

In this dangerous world we now live in, with ever increasing terrorism and criminal gangs preying on celebrities and executives for robbery or kidnapping threats, the client must consider increased vigilance while traveling, especially to and from airport connections. SISS services are available throughout the U.S. and with offices in New York and London UK, are available for your personal or corporate security needs. Carrying valuable documents or art work or valuable jewels, contact us for security advice.

In London, Unitel’s affiliate the London Security Group (LSG) provides various investigative and security services regarding corporate fraud and related enquiries. Staffed by former senior level police offices with the Metropolitan Police Services and other Intelligence Services, are available to UK companies and executives. (See:

In the acquisition or rental of homes in New York or London, Unitel, performs confidential security assessments for buyers of new properties or renters wishing to know of any threats or security concerns of interest regarding the property and its location. Executives being transferred to New York or to London for extended assignments with their family members, find this service of immense value to peace of mind.