Litigation Support

As clients have become much more sensitive to the costs vs. benefits of litigation, UNITEL has been able to provide valuable input to the process. First, asset searches help ascertain the merits of pursuing an adversary. Second, through various investigative techniques, we can help counsel focus the discovery process by ferreting out key information and identifying who should be deposed. In conjunction with the above, UNITEL has been called on to provide expert witness testimony to support a client’s claims.

UNITEL headed by an experienced attorney and former federal prosecutor understands the pressing needs and cost constraints facing litigation counsel. Likewise, corporate counsel and managers in today’s fast paced international business climate frequently need immediate business intelligence and information on a global basis during or preparatory to litigation.

UNITEL has wide experience in all areas of state and federal litigation matters, particularly in the areas of financial fraud and intellectual property litigation. Our senior staff are qualified in the area of financial fraud and hold Certified Fraud Examiner certification from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. From locating missing witnesses or potential parties to liaison with law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys, to gathering evidence for litigation, UNITEL provides critical assistance in helping counsel achieve positive results.

Due Dilligence

UNITEL is often engaged to assist in the due diligence review of an acquisition target or prospective business partner. The focus of our efforts is to uncover information which might not otherwise be voluntarily disclosed. Through external sources we develop a comprehensive profile of the target and its principals. Related entities are identified and relationships with key vendors and customers are investigated. The investigation is supplemented by a thorough evaluation of target’s books and records to uncover instances of fraud or misrepresentations, not uncovered by traditional accounting methods. Frequently, a private company or its principals desire to hide negative information or results so as to make their operations or financial status more attractive to a corporate suitor or lending institution. UNITEL has a long record of accomplishments in this area.

Background Investigations

Verification of Employee backgrounds and identity documentation such as W-9 forms; verification of prior employment and skill-set verifications, criminal history and civil litigataion check .

Internal Investigations

UNITEL’S corporate clients have come to rely on us for confidential investigations of everything from repetitive false claims and petty thefts to major defalcations involving breaches of responsibility at the highest organizational levels. In all cases, our focus is on determining the scope of the loss, the parties involved, and the actions needed to prevent a re-occurrence. In addition to assisting counsel in pursuing civil remedies, information developed by UNITEL has resulted in numerous successful prosecutions at the federal and local level.

We assist the corporate client in establishing comprehensive review procedures, conducting interviews, and handling crisis management consulting so as to avoid or lessen the impact of negative publicity or governmental action.