Intellectual Property

UNITEL has acted as outside investigators to America’s largest intellectual property law firms. UNITEL is widely recognized as one of the leading IP investigative firms in the U.S. UNITEL provides confidential investigative services to many of the largest multi-national corporations, pharmaceutical companies, hi tech companies and IP law firms throughout the United States and England, including representing Columbia University’s CIE (Columbia Innovation Enterprises).

Our membership includes:

  • American Bar Association, Patent, Trademark, Copyright Section
  • Intellectual Property Owners Association
  • U.S. Trademark Association
  • Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO)

UNITEL works closely with the client to achieve the highest degree of protection for their IP properties and trade secrets. Our staff of experienced investigators have been successful in providing evidence of infringement, effecting private seizures and obtaining recovery of damages in cases of theft, piracy and illicit expropriation of IPR assets by disgruntled employees or competitors. We provide assistance and due diligence in the areas of licensing and technology transfers.

From ITC section 337 investigations, to marshaling evidence for in court infringement actions, to private seizure cases in U.S. courts, to Anton Pillar orders in English commonwealth countries, to due diligence studies on prospective licensing partners, UNITEL is accustomed to working closely with counsel to protect a client’s intellectual property.