Hi-Security Fencing


Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, is an industry leader providing hi-security fencing for over 20 years. Metalco specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing fencing to numerous government facilities and military installations in the U.S. and overseas. The nature of the facility and threat needs dictates the most effective secure fencing that the Company will design for the client from anti-ram fences, anti-climb fences (with intrusion detection) and hi-security electronic gates for safeguarding even the most demanding perimeter solutions. (website)

Hi-Security Perimeter Access Control

Unitel (a VOSB) and LC Government Service Group, Inc (a SDVOSB company) are affiliated in a teaming effort to provide the Defense and civilian contractor industry with a full range of active and passive vehicle barriers, anti-ram barriers and hi-level security fencing meeting ASTM standards for perimeter security. For several years K-12 level was the DOS standard for hi-security vehicle crash testing of perimeter barriers, but as of 2003 the government agencies dropped the K rating standards and the Army Corps of Engineers working with ASTM developed ASTM F 2656 as the new standard for hi-security crash barrier, penetration performance ratings to better prevent attacks on facilities by moving vehicles. K-12 and related terminology ratings are being uniformly replaced in the United States by the new ASTM 2656, but will continue in use for the near future. Unitel - Registered in the CCR - CAGE # 5WZM3 LCGS - Registered in the CCR - CAGE# 64SUO