Crisis Management

For the corporate client, unexpected events affecting the client’s business activities can cause immense damage to the client’s stock performance, safety of personnel, general reputation and standing in the business community. Handling these events requires immediate professional help, particularly overseas where negative publicity and foreign government interference can quickly overwhelm a client’s capability. From harmful media coverage to catastrophic events like executive kidnapping, requires objective professional assistance without delay.

For the clients seeking to do business overseas, we provide strategic in-country research and business intelligence services even in forbidding and dangerous business regions of the globe. We draw on an extensive network of contacts and structured to the specific needs of the client to ensure a successful and secure venture or trip overseas. For those clients envisioning a long term relationship overseas, we can arrange to broker personal introductions to keyofficials in government and industry, thus helping lay the groundwork for future business initiatives in traditionally complex, untested or newly emerging economies.

Corporate Compliance and Monitoring Services

When companies find themselves enmeshed in governmental scrutiny of their operations or subject to governmental review or debarment actions on their federal or state contracts, professional help is critical in the company’s reaction to these events.

Whether here or overseas, Unitel can provide immediate assistance with specialists in areas of legal, fraud consulting, whistleblower allegations or other internal problems associated with governmental review inquiries. Too often these incidents mushroom into far more serious situations that can overwhelm companies if not immediately addressed.

Companies, especially in the construction trades industry relying on government contract awards, here or overseas encounter these critical developments where the penalties can run from debarment to criminal proceedings. It’s important for the company executives to quickly turn to independent contractors for objective analysis of the situation and counsel the company on the right way going forward.

William P. Callahan, Unite’s CEO is an experienced attorney and former federal prosecutor with years of experience in resolving these critical events. In the construction trades field, Mr. Callahan acted as the federal court’s Independent Investigator to the NYC District Council of Carpenters – the Carpenters Union, one of the largest trade unions in New York City. He was appointed by Judge Charles S. Haight, Jr, United States District Court, Southern District of New York from 2005 – 2010. His duties were to enforce compliance of a consent decree aimed at eradicating corruption and organized crime in the union and to enforce all federal state and city laws with respect to the union members and their signatory construction contractors in the New York City construction industry.