About Unitel

Since 1978, UNITEL has provided confidential investigative services and security engineering solutions to clients worldwide. Its two divisions: Security Engineering Solutions and Investigative Services, operating through a network of strategic partners, and global affiliates, provide our clients with timely and cost-effective solutions to their special needs.

Unitel’s strategic alliance group with offices in key strategic global locations provides our clients cost-effective solutions in a wide array of security and investigative areas. All of our alliance groups are staffed by former senior level governmental officers in police, law, intelligence and military sectors.

The world today is shrinking rapidly due to fast moving technologies in e-commerce, information technology and instantaneous communications. While these advances benefit all commerce, the world is also becoming a more dangerous place to do business globally, particularly from acts of terrorism. This is precisely why we established our global strategic alliances – to meet these threats head-on with experienced professionals around the globe working on our clients’ behalf.