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Since 1978, UNITEL has provided highly confidential investigative and security services worldwide to multi-national corporations, law, accounting and insurance firms. Through an international network of experienced consultants with backgrounds in investigations, business, intelligence, law, accounting and security matters, we provide information which is timely, accurate, cost-effective and focused on the client’s needs.

UNITEL provides immediate solutions to a client’s security needs anywhere in the world. Through a global alliance among the leading security provider

Constituent Member Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC)

U.S. Department of State


New Security Tool for Anti-Piracy Maritime Security

Civilian model camera equipped drones provide a whole new protective tool for use of crew or security teams on-board merchant vessels. While the threat of piracy has diminished somewhat, new areas of violent piracy continues unabated in East Asian waters.

UNITEL Maritime Security will be sourcing all of their drone equipment from DJI, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of UAV civilian drones, all FAA approved rotary blade drones that permit close surveillance of fast approaching small vessels, with excellent video feed in real time enabling the the on-board operators a unique technology adding to the vessel’s safety measures.

UNITEL is deeply involved in drone technology through its strategic alliance partner: Southgate Films, Brooklyn, NY. ( and its counsel, Callahan and Robinson, Drone Counsel (

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Close Protection and Security Services

Through Unitel’s long-term affiliation with Screen International Security Services, Ltd (SISS) a leading executive protection and celebrity protection service headed by an experienced former Israeli close protection expert whose skills were developed in Israel protecting diplomats and corporate-celebrity clients. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, SISS clients include many leading film stars and executives.

In this dangerous world we now live in, with ever increasing terrorism and criminal gangs preying on celebrities and executives for robbery or kidnapping threats, the client must consider increased vigilance while traveling, especially to and from airport connections. SISS services are available throughout the U.S. and with offices in New York and London UK, are available for your personal or corporate security needs. Carrying valuable documents or art work or valuable jewels, contact us for security advice.

In London, Unitel’s affiliate the London Security Group (LSG) provides various investigative and security services regarding corporate fraud and related enquiries. Staffed by former senior level police offices with the Metropolitan Police Services and other Intelligence Services, are available to UK companies and executives. (See:

In the acquisition or rental of homes in New York or London, Unitel, performs confidential security assessments for buyers of new properties or renters wishing to know of any threats or security concerns of interest regarding the property and its location. Executives being transferred to New York or to London for extended assignments with their family members, find this service of immense value to peace of mind.


Blast Suppression

SJH has developed a blast suppression technology called XPT. Designed to mitigate the effects of both blast shockwaves and the destructive force of propelled fragmentation carried along by the shockwave. This product can be applied to the undersides and sides of thinly skinned military vehicles, used for cladding on building walls and fabricated as blast suppressant road-side panels affixed to rigid frames to protect airport fuel depots and related applications. XPT can be simply described as a stone sponge. Its inherent porosity allows the blast shockwave to enter its structure and there, thousands of small air chambers slow the blast down, absorbing 65% – 90% g-force reduction, trapping it and then making the sponge expend itself in the process. UK tests on a typical military type vehicle using a 6Kg TNT equivalent buried 100 mm below the road surface resulted in no ruptures of the backing steel joints. XPT is currently being used on NATO and some UK vehicles in Afghanistan.

SJH Projects Website

We assist the Defense Contractor industry with anti-fraud and government oversight consulting services here and in overseas conflict regions. Failure to adequately police your overseas posts invites governmental scrutiny and compliance reviews that can result in debarment proceedings or even criminal reviews. Do not let these compliance and best practices standards go unchecked – act early and prevent major problems later on.

Unitel is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) registered in the Central Contractor Registry (CCR);CAGE # 5WZM3, Registered with the VA for government contract purposes.

Strategic Alliances

Commencing in 2018, Unitel has entered into Strategic Alliances with the largest risk consulting and security consulting firms in the Nation, and the Signature Investigative Group serving the greater Philadelphia area, providing our business and legal clients a huge resource to meet their security, investigative and private-intelligence needs.

Signature Investigative Group

The SIGNATURE INVESTIGATIVE GROUP was founded in 2008 by Patrick J. Reilly Jr. a retired New Jersey State Police Captain with over 25 years of law enforcement experience. His extensive law enforcement experience combined with graduating from the prestigious FBI National Academy gives him unique access to a diverse network of professional colleagues and sets SIG apart from ordinary private investigators.

Electronic Eavesdropping – USA Bug Sweeps

With the massive increase in unlawful electronic eavesdropping in today’s world by all sorts of agents bent on spying and gathering insider information through electronic assisted eavesdropping, Unitel has entered into a strategic alliance with USA Bugsweeps.

Do you suspect you’re being “bugged” watched, listened to or followed; or are your offices, jet planes or even yachts been compromised, or for due diligence purposes or just peace of mind, get in touch with us. Accelerated by the easy accessibility of inexpensive foreign made equipment some smaller than a dime and some remotely operated must be guarded against.

Working in close association with Unitel, our affiliate covers assignments anywhere in the U.S. USA Bug Sweeps is headed up by an experienced electronic expert formerly in the U.S. Military Intelligence Services.

Business Affiliates