Why Unitel?

UNITEL’s Global Strategic Alliance Group provides immediate solutions to a client’s security needs anywhere in the world. Through a global partnership alliance among the leading security providers in the Americas, UK, Europe, South Asia, and the Far East, our corporate client’s needs are quickly and cost-effectively solved.

Each Alliance member brings to the table strategic services of critical support to a client needing help in a global region. Our Groups all have a strong presence in key Strategic Development Areas in South Asia(India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka), the Far East (China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand), Russia, Europe, United Kingdom and the Americas (United States, Canada and Latin America).

In these far-flung regions, the Group’s long established contacts – in both the government and private sectorS – provides the client immeasurable long term benefits and solutions in particular matters. All of our Groups are staffed by former senior level governmental officers (Police/Intelligence Services/Regulatory Bodies) with years of established expertise in a wide array of security and technology areas.

The world today is shrinking rapidly due to fast moving technologieS – e-commerce, information technology, transport, news media and the demands of commercial industrialization, makes the global marketplace within reach of even the smallest enterprise. But this world is also becoming a more dangerous place to do business in both from danger to human life as well threats of many kinds to businesses doing business globally. Particularly since 9-11.

This is precisely why we established our Global Strategic AlliancE – to meet these threats head-on with experienced professionals around the globe all working within the Alliance on a client’s behalf.